Join the organising team of SPP 2017 Conference! (closed)


Are you a student, a PhD candidate, a scientist? Are you looking for an exciting side project? Would you like to help us build a connected Polish scientific diaspora? If yes, why not join the organising team of the 6th edition of the Science: Polish Perspectives Conference!

This year’s edition will take place in autumn in Cambridge. We are expecting more than 250 participants including the brightest stars of science from all career levels.
Not sure what the Science: Polish Perspectives (SPP) is all about? No worries, take a look here or check out our FB fan page. Needless to say, we love talking about SPP so just drop us a line or we can answer all of your questions at the interview. You can also read an article about SPP on the Nature Scitable blog.

What can I do?
We have many tasks to cover so whatever you’d like to do, drop us a message! Would you like to help us promote the event? Are you an IT expert who wants to help us run the SPP website and make the registration process smooth and errorless? Or perhaps you would prefer taking care of our distinguished keynote speakers and guests? Are you a Photoshop/Illustrator warrior, ready to maintain and develop our brand identity? We are also looking for someone who will take care of the scientific programme of the conference. And if you live in Cambridge, you could also join us as our master of logistics! Don’t feel like doing any of it? These are just some of things we need people for so let us know what you’d like to help us with and we will follow up.

Where do I need to be based?
We all live in different corners of the globe so we work remotely. We use Slack, Asana and Google tools to make things happen, so as long as you have a stable Internet connection, you're in the right place.

How do I apply?
Please send us your CV* and a few lines on why would you like to join us (in Polish or English) to

We will reply as soon as possible to set up an interview so you can get to know us better.

*Don’t worry about formatting or tailoring your CV. If the only CV you have is a 5 page academic one with all your great publications included, that’s fine. We just want to know who you are before the interview so we can prepare better jokes (or don’t try you on microbiology when you’re a better expert than we are). 

The 19th March 2017, 23:59 CET.

Is it paid?
Unfortunately, no. SPP has always been organised by volunteers. We offer endless networking possibilities, a chance to develop a variety of skills and an opportunity to learn an enormous amount of bad geek jokes.